Founded in 1993, with the aim to provide a superior service in hospital supplies and hygiene industry, CLEANTEC sarl is today one of the largest Professional Cleaning Companies, servicing the Lebanese both private and public sectors. 

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Our operation covers all aspects of


Cleaning is a vital necessity that should be addressed daily for all establishments. Cleaning works can be time consuming and tiring especially if done without the necessary cleaning materials and equ

03Floor care

Cleaning and refinishing floors requires skills, special polishing, cleaning and disinfection chemicals & equipment. Accidently mistreated floor tiles can be damaged beyond repair. Don’t was


Today, more than ever, human beings are more aware of the harm unwanted microbes can cause. Be it bacterium, viruses or fungi, the potential for infectious diseases and superbugs quickly spreading has

04Pesticide services

Your office, school, clubhouse, hospital..... is your own. You don 't want to share your space with uninvited guests. Unwanted insects, especially termites, are a no-no in houses, offices, or ware

05Medical supplies and disinfectants

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